ISoLA 2018


ISOLA 2018 features several presentations around VerCors.

Marieke Huisman presents the position paper "On Models and Code - A Unified Approach to Support Large-Scale Deductive Program Verification".

In this paper, she argues that we need a seamless transition between models and code, and she sketches how the VerCors tool provides a first step towards this goal.

Marieke Huisman also presented the paper Program Correctness by Transformation, co-authored by Stefan Blom, Saeed Darabi and Mohsen Safari, which describes how the VerCors tool can be used to ensure that program transformations and optimisations preserve program correctness.

Finally, Sebastiaan Joosten presented Static Code Verification Through Process Models, co-authored by Marieke Huisman, which sketches an alternative approach for the use of abstractions to reason about concurrent software.