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Paper accepted at FMICS 2024

The paper Verifying a Radio Telescope Pipeline using HaliVer: Solving Nonlinear and Quantifier Challenges written by Lars B. van den Haak, Anton Wijs, Marieke Huisman and Mark van den Brand has been accepted at FMICS 2024.

Invited talk by Marieke Huisman at DisCoTec

Marieke Huisman will give an invited talk at DisCoTec on June 20th 2024. The title of her presentation is "VerCors: Inclusive Software Verification".

Invited talk by Marieke Huisman at the Frama-C Days

Marieke Huisman will give an invited talk at the Frama-C Days on June 14th 2024. The title of her presentation is "The VerCors verifier: a verifier for multiple concurrent programming languages".

Paper accepted at CAV 2024

The paper The VerCors Verifier: a Progress Report written by Lukas Armborst, Pieter Bos, Lars van den Haak, Marieke Huisman, Robert Rubbens, Ömer Şakar, and Philip Tasche has been accepted at CAV 2024.

Member graduation: Dylan Janssen

One of our ex-master students, Dylan Janssen, has graduated today. His masters thesis is titled "Design and Implementation of new features for Runtime Permission Verification in Concurrent Java Programs using VerCors". You can find it here. Well done Dylan! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

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